Full Circle TAP (Teaching Artists Program) 

Supporting artists to become teaching artists through a student-centered, inquiry-based, and cross-disciplinary approach that utilizes arts education’s best practices.


As a promoter of diverse artistic exploration and performances, CoPAC believes in supporting our public education system to empower our future leaders by helping them discover their talents and broaden their horizons. CoPAC’s educational outreach arm, Full Circle TAP reaches into the heart of who we are and why we are artists.

CoPAC founder and co-artistic director Ann Law has been exploring the relevance between the creative process, young students’ interests and aspirations, and different educational pedagogies since 2000. Her goal has been to establish diverse learning environments where each young student is exposed to a wide range of creative art-making experiences that challenge and engage.

Full Circle TAP artists teach through the arts to construct and demonstrate learning in a variety of ways:

  • fostering collaborations
  • demonstrating empathy
  • inspiring change
  • transforming lives

Through Full Circle TAP, Ann shares her passion for collaboration, creativity, and experiential learning. She has developed a teaching artists program that is rich in taking risks, creating new work, and experiencing the joys of learning. The outcome of Full Circle TAP is to provide our community with teaching artists capable of inspiring and stimulating the many diverse populations that make up our communities, utilizing art education’s best practices … that are full of lots of surprises!

Full Circle TAP seeks to:

  • Approach the arts as primary pathways to learning
  • Provide accessible and positive learning through the arts
  • Engage in critical and creative thinking through the arts
  • Encourage partnership with school faculty and Full Circle teaching artists
  • Foster the creative side in all students 

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