Monthly Jazz Jam

The Monthly Jazz Jam (MJJ) is designed with the idea of giving aspiring jazz musicians the opportunity to play with a first rate rhythm section in a real-life–but relaxed–setting. It’s intended to be a confidence building experience for folks working on communicating in the rich language of jazz music. the MJJ will be at 3 pm on the last Sunday of every month (except December). The jam is to some extent modeled on the long-running program at the Nashville Jazz Workshop.

There will be a sign-up sheet at the door, and you’ll give us your name and 2 or 3 well-known tunes you’d like to consider playing. Participants should be comfortable playing the head plus one or two choruses of soloing over the changes. The Real Book is fine, but it’s always a good goal to play these tunes from memory. Unless you play keyboard or drums, you’ll bring your own instrument.

The rhythm section will vary monthly, drawn from some of the fine jazz musicians and educators in the area. Given Arnold is in charge of organizing the rhythm section.

We look forward to seeing both enthusiastic players and an audience to cheer on the next generation of musicians keeping the jazz tradition alive.