Good Perspective: David Greenberger at Signal Centers

Artist David Greenberger is best known for 32 years of his periodical, The Duplex Planet, which was borne out of his conversations with residents at a small nursing home in Boston beginning in 1979. The magazine spawned books, CDs, a couple documentaries, and a comic book adaptation. Fans have included Matt Groening, Allen Ginsberg, Conan O’Brien, Michael Stipe, Penn & Teller, Carla Bley, Norman Lear, Lynda Barry, Lou Reed, Studs Terkel, and ZZ Top. For his latest project he spent three weeks with the participants at Signal Centers in Chattanooga, TN. The center’s adult day services began in 1978 as a way of serving adults with disabilities who require some supervision. They also have a second facility devoted to adaptive technologies designed to aid those with sight and other sensory losses.

Greenberger developed some fifty-plus monologues from the conversations he had during his time in Chattanooga. Topics include lightning, problems with watches, what the blind dream about, dignity, perseverance, faith, love, and hope. He then collaborated with his ensemble, Prime Lens – keyboardist Tyson Rogers, drummer Bob Stagner, and bass player Evan Lipson – and Rogers began composing music for the monologues Greenberger would voice. Each individual has a unique way of seeing themselves and the world around them. Through these recorded pieces voiced by Greenberger with music by Prime Lens we are hearing the thoughts and observations of Chattanooga residents who are carrying on their lives largely hidden from view.

Barking Legs Theater and the Shaking Ray Levis Society present David Greenberger, talking about the making of the new album, Good Perspective, and playing selections from it.

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