August is Donor Drive-In Month


For years, I referred to Barking Legs as a “grassroots” organization. Now, engaging and cultivating a different sensitivity for observing our current times, I wonder what I meant by this term.

Having moved to Chattanooga as a dancer years ago, I realize that it has been this community that has developed and supported my leadership skills. Reflecting on the 28 years of running a non-profit arts organization, I give my community credit for building and raising me up so that I could turn around and invest in supporting our students, our artists, and our community.

Lately, I have been thinking about all our community members that have passed through these doors and what we have shared with one another. If leadership is about responsibility, even when the front doors are closed at Barking Legs, this is what we do. We invest in our grassroots methods of building leadership with our community members. At Barking Legs, we continue to build leadership within our staff so that we share our extraordinary resources to promote artists and build community.

In these times, our goal at Barking Legs is to support our human resources.
We collaborate within many complex systems that make Barking Legs an exceptionally creative and reflective arts organization. We hold ourselves accountable for working with our artists and community to effect positive change as we construct new meaning from multiple perspectives.

It is here and now, during this month of August, that we need you to support our human beings, our blood and guts, our mental and emotional engagements so we can continue to do the creative, expansive and innovative work we do best. As we integrate the past into the future, increasing our personal growth with self-confidence and self-discipline, we need your inner lion to roar for us!!

Roaring into this month, we want you to match a generous offer of $20,000.
Give $50 and you will be matching this offer and giving us $100.
Give $100 and you will be giving us $200.
Your gift will be doubled and will support human beings, which is what Barking Legs is all about!

Activate change by supporting our hearts, minds, and bodies!!
We begin August 3 and will continue thru August 31.
Join us!!

Ann Law

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