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arking Legs Theater provides a venue and event space for new and innovative performing arts in Chattanooga. We host music events, dance performances, poetry readings, lectures, films, art exhibits, live theater, and more.

Our newly renovated lobby is a multi-use event space: It is a perfect place to gather before a show and have a drink and some snacks, or a great flexible space to have a business meeting, lecture, or intimate music venue (We use it for our weekly Wednesday night jazz!). We’ve even used it as a wedding reception area! It features a move-able ticket counter, a TV available for slideshows, 2 move-able bar-top counters and a variety of cabaret tables as well as tables on wheels for easy transformation of space to your liking. There are also 2 sinks, 2 fridges, and some plug-in appliances upon request (we are thinking of you, caterers, bakers, chefs, and the like!) Jade plants line the windows and our vintage assortment of lights add to the eclectic aesthetic of the space.

Our theater space is one of a kind: we have four rows of fixed seats split into 3 sections: totaling 80 seats with good visibility and an intimate feel. There is additional seating available, with a capacity of 187. The theater features a wooden sprung floor measuring 32 X 24 feet and is 2 1⁄2 inches high. The ceiling height is 12 feet with a grid measuring 10 from the stage floor. Mirrors line the back wall of the stage and there is a black curtain as well as a white backdrop that can be pulled to cover them if desired depending on your show and taste. We have a projector for use as well, perfect for movie nights or backdrop visuals. As far as lights and sound, there is a dimmer system with 16 channels and a PA system available if needed – a light and sound technician is available for an extra fee. There is a flexible green-room for performers to hang out in before going on stage, equipped with a mini fridge, 2 couches, a microwave, and table. We also have a backyard with newly built outdoor stage and extra chairs available upon request. The building is handicapped accessible with 4 bathrooms.

Additionally, we take pride in our Steinway grand piano (Model A, 6′ 4 1/2″) at Barking Legs, and it’s available for rental! The piano was built in 1916 and was reportedly once used in the famous Birdland jazz club in NYC.

Barking Legs Theater is available to outside producers on a rental basis, and they are invited to contribute postings for this website. Please contact the producers directly for ticket purchases and other information.

Interested in promoting or learning more about renting our space? Email us at or call 423-624-5347 for more information.