Program Information

Full Circle TAP is a nine month (September through May) program supporting artists as they become teaching artists through a student-centered, inquiry-based, and cross-disciplinary approach to arts education. The program’s four units of art education are each designed around a specific work of art inside a larger context (Mythology, Shakespeare, Ecology, etc.). Each unit is created and taught by Ann Law to stimulate the teaching artist’s creativity and imagination as they create their own units. These lessons are focused on helping students discover the power of art, and to change the way they see themselves in the world.

Each Unit of Art Education (total of four) consists of four purposeful lesson plans (total of sixteen lessons). This program is designed to deliver student-centered material, apply art criticism, understand aesthetic education and arts integration, create new frameworks of multicultural analysis, and engage in many different assessments. The outcome of this program is to provide six teaching artists per year who are capable of teaching the many diverse populations that make up our communities, utilizing art education’s best practices.

Unit One: Mythology

  •  Foundations of Purposeful Planning
    • Concepts, Standards, Objectives, and Essential Questions
    • Procedures
    • Developing lesson plans into a Unit of Teaching
  •  Effective Execution
    • Communication of Key Ideas
    • Student-Centered Delivery
    • Cross-Disciplinary Connections to Integrated Content Areas

Unit Two: Shakespeare

  •  Art Criticism
    • Art-Critical Concepts
    • Checking for Understanding
  •  Assessment
    • Engagement of the National Arts Standards
    • Analyzing Outcomes and Objectives
    • Personal Reflection and Action Research
  •  Understanding different Art Practices
    • Getty Foundation and DBAE (discipline-based art education)
    • Kennedy Center CETA (Changing Education through the Arts)
    • Lincoln Center Institution for the Arts in Education (aesthetic education)

Unit Three: Ecology

  •  Constant Increase of Effectiveness
    • Foundations of Continuous Improvement
    • Investment in Students, Families, and Community
    • Unique Collaborations
    •   Financial Investments
  •  New Framework for Multicultural Analysis
    • Understanding Multiculturalism in Art Education
    • Related Art Subjects
    • Relationships in Community

Unit Four: Local Heroes

  •  Developing Appreciation for Local Identity
    • Effective Role Models with whom we deeply identify with
    • Generate Opportunities to work directly with Role Models
  •  Aesthetics
    • Developing and Interpretation of Aesthetic Appreciation
    • Artist’s Intention in the Creative Process

In addition to the curriculum, Ann is creating another movement laboratory for Full Circle Teaching Artists. Principal Barbara Shepherd and her teaching staff at DuPont Elementary will work with Full Circle TAP to establish the best practices between teaching artists and classroom educators. These collaborations and field training opportunities provide Full Circle Teaching Artists with a partnership to develop their art teachings further in an elementary school environment. Other educational partnerships include the Creative Discovery Museum and Calvin Donaldson Elementary School, as well as the Southeast Center for Education in the Arts (SCEA). As our pilot program continues to grow, so do our collaborations and connections with other quality institutions.

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