full circle artwork

In 2000, after assisting the Southeast Center for Education in the Arts, CoPAC’s (Contemporary Performing Arts of Chattanooga) Artistic Director Ann Law began to contemplate the relevance between art education and elementary students’ interests and aspirations.  What if young students were exposed to challenging creative art-making that infused significant choice and responsibility into their learning environment?

From 2002 to 2007n at CSAS, Ann created a student-centered pedagogy based on the creative process that was inquiry based. She also took this same work to Chattanooga State Community College, and for ten years continued her explorations discovering the best practices in dance education. During this time, she also sought out two very distinct dance educators.

During Phase Two of securing the infrastructure of CoPAC, Ann continued to think about her teaching ideology, focusing on ways to collaborate with other artists to increase the arts education landscape. In August of 2015, she put out an open invitation to artists who were interested in expanding their passion, their profession, and their teachings. Since then, five dedicated and inspiring artists have stepped forward to join Ann in creating the pilot program of Full Circle TAP (Teaching Artists Program).

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