The Last Garbanzo Band

It’s been almost 35 years since the members (and associated family) of the Last Garbanzo Band have gotten together to play music! This Reunion Concert is a truly rare and unique event and, frankly, the Garbanzos are all pretty gob-smacked that it’s even happening.

In the late 70s, the core members of the band – Gary Mullinix, Queenie Mullinix, Gerry Gilmore, Jerry Adams, Ty Page, and Terry Stone – got together and started playing music at such venues as rowdy house parties, Chickamauga Dam, and Raccoon Mountain Lodge. By 1980, they opened for the CAMP “Smoke-In” Concert in Atlanta, Georgia.

In 1981, the band decided they were tired of just being around other acoustic guitarists, so they teamed up with actual musicians including Mark Merritt on drums, Steve Armstrong on lead electric guitar, and Doug McNew on bass. For almost two years the band played a few times in a bar called Ziggy’s and, once, on the Southern Queen riverboat for a special sold-out show. Each event featured a rollicking mixture of blues, folk, country, and rock ‘n’ roll music. Many of the songs performed were original tunes written by members of the band.

But, alas, “real life” interrupted the Garbanzos’ budding success. Some people moved away. Some had families. Almost everyone matured and were soon saddled with the soul-crushing weight of Responsibility. Fortunately, music remained an important part of each member’s life.

With the passing of Ty Page, members of the Last Garbanzo Band recently decided to meet up once more and share a little of the eclectic magic that made them popular “back in the day.” Musicians related to the original Garbanzo Band members will be playing at the Reunion Concert, including Justin Mullinix, poly-instrumentalist for the Atlanta band Stokeswood. Musicians Bryan Hamilton, Ken Parr, and Dave Webb will also be there to add fresh and creative sounds to the show. The audience can expect acoustic solo performances as well as full-band rock tunes. And the Garbanzo Band will definitely be honoring the memory of Ty Page by playing several of his songs. This show is free to the family and friends of the performers. Donations will be accepted to benefit McKamey Animal Shelter of Chattanooga. If you want more information about the concert please contact Bryan Hamilton at