The Floor Is Yours: In The Dark

For March, we are keeping you in the dark. We’re laying down some special rules just for this event.

1) There will be just a single spotlight on the stage which artists can choose to leave on or have turned off for their performance.

2) There will be no prerecorded music. Singers will have to go a capella or use live musicians.

3) Musicians will have to perform with acoustic instruments or provide their own amplification.

We will provide the stage and a mic. You have to bring the rest 😉

Thematically, we’re asking you about the dark. Simple, right? So come on down to The Floor and give us a light.

Your host and ringmaster: Marcus Ellsworth
Your improv jazz house band: The Undoctored Originals
$10 to spectate
FREE if you participate
Doors open at 7:30
Show starts at 8:00

Facebook event page