ROVA Saxophone Quartet

This is a big one, folks.

ROVA Saxophone Quartet is in their 40th year, and their endurance is testament to so many things! Back in the 1970s, two major saxophone quartets were born: World Saxophone Quartet based on the east coast, and ROVA, based on the west coast. Both were absolutely vibrant and vital, and each has an important spot in 20th century music history. We are fortunate to be able to book ROVA in conjunction with this year’s Big Ears Festival, where they will be performing two shows completely different from the Barking Legs presentation. So whether you’ll be going to the Festival or not, here’s a chance to catch an extraordinary event in Chattanooga.

“Rova Saxophone Quartet explores the synthesis of composition and collective improvisation, creating exciting, genre-bending music that challenges and inspires. Rova is one of the longest-standing groups in the music movement that has its roots in post-bop, free jazz, avant-rock, and 20th century new music, and draws inspiration from the visual arts and from the traditional and popular music styles of Africa, Asia, Europe and the United States.”

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Read this (especially if you doubt a sax quartet will swing)

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