Jazz in the Lounge: Three Way Mirror (from Atlanta)

Three Way Mirror plays off-center jazz with the unusual instrumentation of saxophone, congas, and tuba. Jeff Crompton (alto sax), Yaya Brown (congas) and Bill Pritchard are all veteran, accomplished Atlanta musicians who wanted to create something unique on the local jazz scene.

We have an ever-growing book of originals, but also frequently dip into the deep well of great jazz compositions created by others. No “Satin Doll” here – our “covers” include “The Jody Grind” by Horace Silver, “Mob Job” by Ornette Coleman, “Nutty” by Monk, and “Once Upon a Time” by Atlanta-born free-jazz legend Marion Brown.

3WM has also teamed up with Chattanooga poet Laurie Perry Vaughen in a wide-ranging music / poetry show called “Billie Holiday on the Radio.” No run-of-the-mill “jazz poetry” offering, “Billie Holiday” features intensely personal poems, with music carefully composed and improvised to enhance Laurie’s words. “BIllie Holiday on the Radio” has been performed at Tallahassee’s Word of South Festival as well as in Atlanta and Chattanooga.