Ben Van Winkle & the Figment Chamber Ensemble

We’re delighted to have CoMAP back with us at the Legs to present this exciting performance of the music of Ben Van Winkle. All of these folks are doing great things for the music of our community in so many ways!

The Debut of Ben Van Winkle’s new show featuring the Figment Chamber ensemble.

Sheri Peck – Violin (CSO Musician)
Tom Morley – Violin (Mobile Symphony Musician)
Bryony Stroud-Watson – Viola (CSO Musician)
Given Arnold – Double Bass (CSO Musician)
Hayley Miller – Flute (CSO Musician)
David Dunn – Clarinet (Cleveland State University Faculty)
Charlie Edholm – Classical Guitar (Lee University Faculty)
Konstantine Vlasis – Vibraphone and Percussion (UTK Faculty)

Lights by Philip Lucky

Ben Van Winkle is a Cellist, Singer, Beat Boxer, Composer and Human Being. Using the power of looping he layers these elements into a sound of his own that is at times positive, up beat, feel good music and at times serene, heartfelt and moving.

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